Leading Constant Change

Julien Rye

Every business needs to execute focused change in order to survive and thrive. This excellent book will spur you into action, helping you manage the people and processes essential to delivering successful change projects.

Julien Rye, Partner, BDO LLP

Get your people behind your strategy to take your business to the next level.

Driving change is a key priority for all business leaders. But planning change initiatives, eganging people with new ideas and ensuring momentum are all easier said than done. This 15-step framework for leading change provides a practical toolkit for doing just that.


  • The Secret ingredients of effective change
  • How to create a robust change strategy
  • Ways to keep your people engaged and motivated
  • Techniques to accelerate execution

Leading Constant Change gives you the tools you need to stay one step ahead.

Managing Constant Change

This website supports Philip's book. Throughout the book you will notice reference to downloadable documents and support tools. These are all available, free of charge, from the downloads page on this site (email registration required).

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The Final Chapter

Your option to do nothing, the original final chapter ultimately omitted from the published book, is available to download as a free PDF by clicking here.


TAMUK Philip's company, owns the Intellectual Property to the Team Action Management programme. The book and the downloads from this website will take you step by step through the process; however, sometimes it's easier to remain detached from the process, to allow a third party to facilitate or simply to host various processes. You may wish to take advantage of Philip's experience to deliver the training workshops to your team; or utilise TAMUK's independence in the Have Your Say process. All of these services are available directly from TAMUK.

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